5K Training Plan

Below you will find our 5K training plan.  These workouts focus on total time. Please notice the total time for each workout, then repeat the walk/run portions until the total time is achieved.  If your schedule doesn’t permit you to complete the workout on the day specified, then make it up on another day.  Each of the workouts can be completed anytime over the two days.  Try to complete 3 workouts per week.

After a few weeks you should take note of the time that it takes you to complete 5K (3.1 miles) and adjust your workouts so that you complete a 5K each time. It is OK to go beyond 5K but if your body doesn’t completely recover before your next workout then you should take an additional recovery day as needed.  Training for a 5K can be fun and rewarding but race day won’t be fun if you are injured!

Please consult with a physician before beginning any exercise program to receive full exercise clearance.